Saturday, November 14


I haven't been feeling 100% lately, so I'm back to doing the elimination diet my naturopath gave me a few years ago. The idea is that you detox for about a month, eliminating common allergens in food, then reintroduce each eliminated item every few days to test its effect.

I'm eliminating the following:
- all gluten
- dairy
- sugar
- red meat
- all processed foods
- caffeine
- alcohol
- white rice and other processed grains

I started just a few days before Halloween. So far, so good. It's easier now than it has been in the past, which I attribute mostly to increased awareness about gluten-free diets. I have a great recipe for gluten-free sandwich bread, and also for flat bread, so I'm not missing much of that.

In terms of eating out, we've been to Las Palapas and Keo's since beginning the diet and they were both extremely accommodating. At Las Palapas I had enchiladas with a mole sauce, and at Keo's, a spicy thai curry with coconut milk. I definitely didn't feel deprived.

This kind of eating challenges my cooking and creativity. I'm enjoying that part of it. The best compliment was my husband saying that it doesn't even feel like we're on any restrictive diet. Now, he does eat dairy and bread still, but mostly for breakfast and lunch. Dinners we eat together, so he does follow the elimination diet along with me for that meal.

Here are some examples of my meals:

- during the week: fruits, or fruit-tofu smoothies
- weekend: eggs with polenta, oatmeal with rice milk, gf bread with honey

- random mix of veg, fruit, nuts, leaves, flatbread & dips
- for example: apple, carrot, cucumber, spinach, pecans with bean dip

- goat cheese/tofu/artichoke dip with chicken wings
- chicken curry with brown rice
- thai coconut soup with rice noodle
- homemade corn tortillas with turkey, cilantro and my own taco sauce
- fish with asian fried millet

I'm enjoying making all kinds of new foods but most importantly, I'm happy that I feel healthy.