Monday, March 30

cheese, please.

I'm looking to try different kinds of cheeses, and my go-to place in Saskatoon is the Bulk Cheese Warehouse. Check out my conversation with the owner, Scott Bartlett, on

It was so interesting to hear him tell stories about cheese, business plans, the butcher shop and local food culture. Wow, that guy is a great storyteller. Thank you Scott!

Monday, March 23

Caffe Sola

Check out my review of Caffe Sola on the Food Network Canada site.

Here is a cool pic that didn't make it onto their website. The chairs are so interesting! If anyone knows what the source is for these, please let me know.

Coming up on my profile of the BulkCheese Warehouse.

Coming up on birdseyechili: the best beef curry I know how to make...thus far.