Sunday, September 2


Each time we travel home, we try to schedule in as many visits with family and friends as possible. Of course, this means that some people get left out (like my friend Jen in Toronto, who we only get to see every couple years). Driving between London and Ottawa, with an occasional stop in Toronto or Kingston to have a meal with a friend is pretty tiring when you're (supposedly) on vacation. I hate trying to schedule in friends like they are business appointments.

Having said all that, when we do get to visit with a handful of friends, the visits are always a great time to catch up and laugh. Of course, they most often center around food.

When Mel and Mark invited us out to Tanakaya, a small Japanese place in the Covent Garden Market in London, we agreed immediately. We ordered an assortment of dishes - gyoza, bbq eel sushi, edamame, veg tempura, a bento box each and some matcha ice cream to finish it off.

I was impressed with the sushi and many items in the bento box (especially the pickled beet and the dressing on the salad), but my salmon was a bit dry. For my tastes, it was slathered with too much sauce and I couldn't taste the flavour of the fish.

I know, I know - in a sushi place, if I wanted to taste the flavour of fish, I should have gotten something raw. But still, you would think that out of all the places I've had sub-par seafood, a sushi joint should not be one of them. Next time we're in town, I'd like to visit again, try something raw and get back to you - hopefully it was just an off night for salmon because the rest of the meal was delicious. Thanks to Mel and Mark for suggesting Tanakaya and for the wonderful company.


  1. Right back at you with the great company comment ;)

    If we ever get a chance to drag you guys out to St. Catharines, we'll have to take you to Amikara. St. Catharines is probably the last place you'd expect to find good sushi... but this place is truly fantastic.

  2. St. Catharines and sushi? I didn't know those words could be used in the same sentence without sarcasm :)

    Yeah, maybe on one of our visits back we'll take a detour from our usual London-Ottawa-London trek and meet up in St. Cats - that'd be nice.

  3. I love sushi ... could eat them every day.