Sunday, September 2

King of Cheesecake

Before we left on vacation (like, a month ago!), Wendy and Mike invited us over for the last supper. Ah, the idea is, you can spend the week getting rid of all the food in your fridge and not have to worry about what you're going to eat the day before your trip because you have wonderful friends who will provide an awesome meal. Got that?

Which leads me to my next point - Mike is the King of Cheesecake. Since we first met them, I think we have tasted about seven different cheesecakes made by the King, one of which is described here (where you can see that Mike is also the King of Pizza).

The last supper cheesecake was a very light raspberry and had a texture that was unlike most cheesecakes - very smooth and not at all grainy. In the photo below you can see a little indent that an errant raspberry made. That's right, the cheesecake was so light that the weight of a single raspberry marred the surface. Absolutely delicious in flavour but what did it for me personally, were the fantastic texture and lightness.

Roasted garden vegetables and grilled skewers rounded out the last supper. Mucho thanks to Wendy and Mike for making travel easier.


  1. I NEED the recipe for this cheesecake!!!!!!What beautiful photos as well!!!

  2. sweets - thanks, but the cheesecake was very photogenic :)

    valli - I'll try to coax it out of him :)