Wednesday, August 22

Vacation is over

Living 3000km away from family sucks. But, as a bonus, when I do get to visit - like for the last two weeks which is why there are no blog posts - I get food-spoiled. That's right, my family, Ian's family and even random families food-spoil me. In addition to obtaining wicked tans, we also increased our waist sizes considerably. Oh well. That's what family visits are for, right? (um, don't answer that)

We traveled with two absolutely adorable girls and helped deliver them to visit with their Grandparents. As a thank you, their Grandma spoiled us with a basket of treats, cute napkin holders, some sparkly wine and a cookbook. The baklava, peanut butter cookies and homemade "turtles" quickly disappeared - in fact, we had devoured half the treats before I remembered to take a photo! Yum, yum. Thank you for the thank you treats, Grandma!

Family dinners with my Mom and Dad consisted of childhood favourites: mainly meat-n-potatoes with fresh veg on the side. Here are the only two pics I remembered to take.

Roasted pork, mashed potatoes and green beans. My Mom is the Queen of falling-apart roast pork.

Meatloaf, roasted potatoes and tomato salad.

Ian's family spoiled us with treats - chocolate, ice cream, junk food, Dairy Queen dilly bars, late-night bruschetta made by my brother-in-law (who is also known for the best-ever-in-life-roast-beef-made-at-home that I'm still trying to copy but am too cheap to buy a good cut).

I'm thankful that I was food-spoiled, but also a little sad that my waist has expanded. I've been going on mad bike rides and doing power yoga almost every day to make up for it. It's slowly working :) Of course, I didn't even consider limiting my food intake, because, well, that would be stupid.


  1. Anna, you have been seriously spoiled! Look at the plate of cookies, pure temptation! :)

  2. I know, I was drooling just posting that picture - Grandmas make just the best food ever!

  3. My grandma was a great cook so is my mom so whenever I'm home for visits, I get food spoiled too. :)