Friday, August 31

Need a drink

After my first week back to work (which is why we are low on the blog posts yet again), I definitely needed a drink. So I made one (see ingredients below). Any guesses?

If you guessed "strawberry-mango-orange margarita", you win! Edit: Doug and Ula informed me that margaritas have lime and tequilla - oops! Maybe this is a daiquiri ?

Strawberry-Mango-Orange Margarita Daiquiri

  • two halves of frozen mango
  • two handfuls of frozen strawberries
  • two shots of orange juice
  • two shots of rum (um, I may have used more...)
  • two teaspoons of Demerara sugar (optional)
Mix everything together in a powerful blender until smooth. Wet the rims of the glasses with orange jucie and dip into the sugar. Pour carefully so as to not disturb the sugar. Cheers!


  1. Funny that first comment, but I made smoothies this morning and they were just as you had the ingredients... minus the rum. I used fresh mango though. Some mysterious fruit synergy is in the ripening fall air.

  2. That looks very yummy. I am not sure it is actually a margarita without any tequila or lime, but very refreshing none-the-less.

  3. parrot - just wait till we crack open the twelve-year-old rum my parents brought back from Cuba!

    captain - yeah, usually my morning smoothies don't contain rum either (unless it's been a particularly long week!)

    doug - thanks for the info, my sister (the Queen of all things alcohol-related) already informed me. I've made the appropriate changes :)