Monday, July 9

The unlikely stars

When I was a child visiting my grandparents in Poland, I would be put to the task of shelling peas. I didn't enjoy despised this task. It seemed that no matter how many buckets of peas I shelled, my efforts ended with only a small bowlful. But recently at our Farmer's Market,I picked up a bagful. Standing there in front of the compost, shelling these babies, I was brought back to that time in my life.

Except that this time, it was different.

I enjoyed this experience - the crisp snapping of the pod, the prying open of the perfect seam to reveal these exquisite green jewels all in a row. So perfect.

I still only ended up with a small colander full, but it was worth it. Wait until you see the colour of these jewels when cooked. The pea was the undisputed star of this dinner.

Introducing the supporting actor: green garlic.

I bought this garlic from Wally's Urban Market Garden. Their "garden" is actually comprised of many residential plots throughout the city. They grow shoots, baby greens and herbs, among other things. From their website: " [we] practice an eco-friendly form of agriculture, one that puts less pressure on rural habitats, and fosters self-reliance in an urban setting". I'm loving this concept.

For our meat n' potatoes dinner, we decided on steak with garlic herbed potatoes (dill and parsley from our good friends' Wendy and Mike's garden) and simple peas.

Usually, the steak would be the star of such a meal, but for me, it was all about the earthy garlic and the sweet green peas!


  1. Those peas look aweseome! Cool anecdote from your childhood too =)

    I'm very much in favour of encouraging self-reliant urban food production. As global oil supply stagnates and demand grows, it's going to make increasing sense to grow your own food.

  2. Yeah, after I posted this, I started wondering about my own gardening, ahem, weed-generating habits. I grow some herbs (no, not those kind of herbs!), raspberries and strawberries, but other than that, I'm too lazy to grow anything else.

    I suppose if I spend my money supporting Wally's and other local, if not urban, vendors at the market, that makes up for it though...hmmm...