Monday, July 30

Must adhere to chronological postings

I have a problem. I've made lots of great food lately but am behind in sharing with you, my lovely audience. I feel as though I have to post catch-up meals before I allow myself to describe the recent meals. Weird, huh? That just how I'm wired I guess, and anything out of chronological order will mess with my mind.

So, here's some szarlotka (traditionally, Polish apple pastry) I made a while ago. The pastry didn't turn out as well as when my talented Mom makes it, but it satisfied our sweet and butter craving. I won't share the recipe, because I think it's more about technique than ingredients and I still need tutoring on that from Mom.

Szarlotka is a cake (or is it pie, or squares...can you tell I'm not the baker in the family?) made with a flaky, buttery crust and filled with fruit. When I was growing up, my Mom or Grandma would often make it with apples or strawberries. I decided on strawberry rhubarb since we had recently - ah, about 1 month ago - picked the berries ourselves (that's me, btw).

The rhubarb was fresh from a friend's garden (we are lucky to have such friends - ones that do all the work and let us reep the benefits...what can we say: we're lazy moochers!).

I melted down the fruit a little by cooking and cooling equal parts of strawberry and rhubarb with a little sugar. I also strained out excess juice and made popsicles! Unfortunately the filling (and popsicles) turned out quite tart.

Although, in my mind, that wasn't such a bad thing, considering the crust contained a whole block (not stick) of butter. That's right, 454 grams. So the buttery crust more than made up for the lack of sugar in the filling and the two matched well. As per my family's tradition, I added some sweetness by dusting with icing sugar.

Smacznego! (uh, that's what we say in Polish, in lieu of "Bon

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  1. Zupelnie o tym zapomnialam, moja mama tez robila szarlotke z rabarbarem!! Bardzo dobry pomysl, nastepnym razem. Tyle tylko, ze chyba to byl sam rabarbar, bez truskawek.

    Bardzo ciekawy blog.

    Pozdrawiam z Londka,