Sunday, July 15

Firecracker shrimp

For tonight's dinner I made firecracker shrimp and a simple noodle dish with snow peas from the Farmer's Market. Noodles were fairly ordinary - fish sauce, brown sugar, sesame oil, garlic, ginger, scallions, snow peas and carrots. It was the little firecrackers that sparkled...ah, yeah, couldn't resist.

The shrimp was made using a modification of Jaden's recipe (thanks Jaden!!). I didn't have the egg roll wrappers she recommends and only had small shrimp (I cheap out when buying shrimp) so my firecrackers were petite but quite cute actually!

It's easy - just follow along with Jaden's detailed tutorial on technique. Here's my brief summary:

1. marinade the shrimp in whatever you want - I used ginger, garlic, chili, soy, sesame oil

2. pat dry then place onto triangular-shaped wrappers - depending on size, you may have to make small cuts into the U-shaped section to straighten them out a little

3. wrap tightly, using a little water for "glue"

4. deep fry - I used a small straight-sided pot with about 1cm of oil until the colour was right

I kept extra wrappers and already-made shrimp roll-ups under a damp, clean, dish-towel to prevent drying out. After frying, I placed into a warm oven on a pie plate lined with paper towel until the rest were done. I served them with a spicy chili sauce (chili paste, Hoisin sauce, brown sugar, soy, sesame).

Ah, yeah. Ian and I ate all 24 of these little firecrackers. Well, the shrimp were tiny and I only used six wrappers, each cut into four triangles. There really wasn't that much there...

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