Saturday, July 14

Crêpes for brunch

I like serving crêpes for brunch. It's an easy recipe and process, but one that usually impresses. This particular time I used kamut flour, but two months ago, I used spelt.

For the batter start by beating two eggs with a pinch of salt in a large bowl. Add approximately 2 cups flour and 2 cups milk, until the batter is the consistency of condensed milk - runny, but not too runny. Then, to a medium-hot pan, add a sliver of butter, and a small ladle-full of batter. Working quickly, twirl the pan to shape the batter into a rough circle. See the air bubbles? Time to flip the crêpe!

For easy entertaining, I presented the crêpes with sweetened ricotta cheese (ricotta with sifted icing sugar and vanilla), fruit and chocolate sauce. Each guest assembled their own.

I like to fold my crêpes, but you could roll them like a "French burrito" and eat them with your hands. Easy and tasty and relatively healthy.


  1. I'll certainly second the "tasty" part of your comment. Nice to see your crepe there, however the time we came and ate with, you mine had a bit more chocolate sauce.

  2. welcome back from your trip :)

    This was the time your family was here (and L ate 8 crepes!)...I've just been late with posting.