Saturday, June 16


Inspired by Mike's pizza here and here, I decided to surrender invest the 1.5 hours and give it a try. There were lots of problems: dough wasn't wet enough, didn't rise enough, not enough chilies and garlic, not enough sauce, and on and on. Hopefully my next attempt will be better.

However, an unforeseen benefit of the 'not rising' was the resulting thin and crisp pizza. Toppings: pepperoni, garlic, tomato, basil, green chili, goat cheese.

I really can't compare it to the pizza I always make as mine is made with a whole-wheat or spelt crust with no yeast. And usually, we load up on the toppings. The sparsity of the toppings on this version was really nice and allowed the flavour of the crust to be a main attraction. I wonder if this version can be made with different flours...I'll have to give it a try.


  1. I haven't been too experimental with it yet, but last time I tried a 60% whole wheat crust and it turned out perfect. The only side effect other than improved healthfulness is that you wind up with the WW nutty flavour which can compete with the other tastes.

  2. I'll try it with 50-50 spelt-white next and let you know how that goes.