Thursday, June 14

Lunar Rogue

With only a few exceptions, New Brunswick food was disappointing.

I arrived in Fredericton early and explored the city a bit with Erin. Dinner was at a pub called Lunar Rogue. I chose one of their "health-check approved" options - salmon with brown rice and vegetables. The salmon was overcooked; rice was dry; vegetables were plain. Why don't restaurants make healthy food that tastes good?


  1. My theory on this is that the cooks don't actually eat any of this new fangled "health" food. They understand only that you need to use less fat and salt. So you wind up with the subtractive approach to cooking -- take away the things that are bad. It is the same mentality that lead to Buger King's first "Veggi-burger" in the 90's. It was a Whopper with no patty.

  2. As a cook, and someone living with health issues i welcome any place to eat that is will to try to move beyond the burger and fries. i feel that the lunar rouge should be commended on taking a step in the right direction. It is after all a pub. I have eaten there many times and have enjoyed both the food and the wonderful staff.