Sunday, June 3

Last days in Vancouver

On Mon May 28, we ate quick and light meals. Lunch was in Chinatown where we picked up a variety of dim sum and baked goods. I would classify these as average. It was difficult and a bit frustrating to make vegetarian choices - even the dishes we were told were vegetarian often had Chinese sausage and/or pork in them. Mike had to settle for dessert items. We bought a bag-full of dishes for under $10, so that part was good. Here's a couple:

Dinner was on our way to The Police concert. We stopped at Cafe Crepe and got three quick crepes. This was also just an average meal, but it was fast, light and cheap which is what we were looking for.

After the awesome concert, we drove back home. That's right, we left Vancouver at midnight and arrived in Saskatoon at 7:30pm the following day, driving almost non-stop. The return trip didn't include any interesting food. To keep the drivers awake, we planned most of the stops around coffee and donuts, with the exception of a brief stop for lunch at Subway. Fast and easy trip food.

It was a fun trip and great introduction to Vancouver. We'll definitely be going back.

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