Thursday, June 14

Isaac's Way

Another one of our dinners out on the town was at another pub: Isaac's Way (Fredericton has an unusual number of pubs). Seeing as how my first impression of seafood on the east coast wasn't that great, I decided to go with another pub classic - chicken curry.

It was just ordinary tasting; curry was likely made with store-bought paste and spiced with Tabasco sauce. Chicken was tender, rice had a good texture and the chutney was interesting. One of my fellow diners had fiddleheads as his side dish - these were delicious and made me jealous of his meal.

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  1. I also eat out often! And it just so happens that my new favorite meal is cranberry chicken at isaacs way. Golly gosh it's just so tasty in pretty sure I'm addicted to this meal! Another meal not as primp and proper but is by far my favorite breakfast would be "Jesse's chorizo poutine""what the geeze is this all about I'm pretty sure isaacs way wants me fat and it's ok with me! Keep it coming chef Jesse Poutine you rock