Thursday, June 14

The Blue Door

Having heard some good reviews of this place from the Chowhound forums, I was excited that the final conference dinner was scheduled for The Blue Door.

Martinis. I had ones called the 'Oasis' and the 'Raspberry Fondue'. Both were delicious - the former was cranberry-lime flavoured, and the latter was raspberry-chocolate.

Wine. The house red was a Cabernet Sauvignon from the Robertson winery in South Africa. I won't pretend I'm a wine critic and so I'll just say I enjoyed it.

Roasted carrot and ginger soup. More of a purée than a soup. Ginger flavour was quite prominent which I enjoyed. Carrot soup is not my favourite and I was fooled by the menu in thinking this was just an appetizer of roasted ginger carrots. Had I know, I would have chosen a salad.

Sake-marinated salmon with green curry sauce, couscous and vegetables. The curry was dotted around the bed of couscous and was meant to be used as a dipping sauce. It was well-spiced and tasty, although couscous and curry was a strange pairing. Salmon was too dry again. I really had bad food luck on this trip. Perhaps I should have gone for chicken or beef, but silly me, I was hoping for excellent seafood on the east coast - what was I thinking?

Flourless chocolate cake with a kahlua anglais. A small wedge of decadent cake garnished with a kumquat. Delicious. Good quality bitter chocolate wasn't overpowered by excess sugar.

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