Friday, May 11

SF Dinners: Mijita

Mijita is a restaurant/cafe opened by Traci Des Jardins who also has super high-end restaurants in the bay area. The goal was to serve authentic down-to-earth simple food inspired by the teachings of her Mexican grandmother. Let me tell you...this place delivered! We shared a series of small plates:
-taco de pescado "Baja": battered and fried mahi-mahi in tortillas with cabbage and avocado-cilantro cream
-taco de carne asada: grilled marinated beef, smoky red salsa, cilantro and onions in tortila
-quesadilla mijita: fresh masa turn-over with mixture of Mexican cheeses, epazote and roasted chiles
-a dinner special: crispy chicken tacos with avocado

It was delicious, and to our tastes, authentic. Sorry about the pics below - I only remembered to take them after we had started gobbling down the food :)

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