Sunday, May 20

Sat night dessert & drums

True story. I swear.

Last night I think to myself: 'We should go to McNally and get some dessert'. Twenty seconds later, Ian says: "Hey - do you want to go to McNally and get some dessert?" Three minutes later, we get a call from Mike, who says: "Hey - we're at McNally and there are some cool drummers here. Wanna come join us and get some dessert?"

So we went. I always get the fudge triple chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate syrup (not real name), so I decided to be different and get carrot cake. Ian had chocolate and peanut butter cake. Both were yummy but I regretted not getting chocolate.

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  1. Given how many times you mentioned chocolate in the title of the chocolate, chocolate, chocolate cake you usually have AND the fact that you are female* I think I could have predicted your disappointment over the carrot cake.

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