Friday, May 11

SanFran Dinners: Greens

For the last little while we've been eating fairly ordinary food, lots of composed summer dinners, nothing worth blogging about. So I thought I'd get my act together and start to post about some of the dinners we had in SF.

The first place worth writing about was Greens, a vegetarian restaurant located on a pier overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. Our meals were well-presented (but not over-styled) and tasted absolutely delicious. The serving staff was gracious and willing to talk about the "Greens" philosophy without sounding pretentious.

Ian and I shared an appetizer: Mexican Mezcla, for which the description read as follows: Rancho Gordo heirloom beans with chilies, citrus and cumin; guacamole with warm tortilla chips; fire roasted salsa; quesadilla with grilled onions, poblano chilies, cheddar and cilantro; ruby grapefruit, jicama and orange salad.

I forgot to take a picture before we started eating - sorry! Especially delicious were the heirloom beans which still had some bite. They weren't mushy and over-cooked as beans can often be. Other items in the Mezcla were interesting, although the salsa was a little ordinary for me. From the description - fire-roasted - I would have liked more depth in the flavour; it tasted (if I could be so forward as to say), a little bland to me.

Upon the recommendation of our server, Ian had the Mesquite Grilled Brochettes and I chose the Stuffed Portobello. The descriptions for the entrees read as follows:

Brochettes of mushrooms, peppers, German butterball potatoes, red onions, garnet yams, fennel, cherry tomatoes and marinated tofu with charmoula. Served with cherry pistachio pearl couscous.

Stuffed Portobello with king trumpet and crimini mushrooms, leeks, asiago and breadcrumbs. Served with mushroom port sauce, green garlic mashed potatoes and grilled artichokes with pepper flakes. [sorry about the fuzzy photo]

Portabello was generously stuffed, artichokes were perfectly cooked but the potatoes were a bit too creamy for me. The port sauce was the pièce de résistance. Upon further investigation of their menu (I was offered to take a copy home), I wish I would have tried something else. I was happy with the meal, but maybe I should have chosen something that wasn't such a typically vegetarian option as stuffed portabello.

Ian's brochettes were awesome. I don't know what they did to that tofu before grilling the skewers, but I'd peel their potatoes for free for a month to find out. [As an aside, recently I defrosted some tofu to use in a curry. It had the same texture as the one in these brochettes - maybe there's something to that freezing/defrosting procedure?] Ian especially enjoyed the pearl couscous and instructed us to find and make it as soon as we returned home. I have yet to do anything about this request :)

All in all, we were super-impressed with the meal and service. We've come to the conclusion that a fine dining vegetarian restaurant is needed in Saskatoon. As a happy bonus, I have a copy of their menu to use as inspiration for summer cooking.

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