Tuesday, May 1

San Francisco Breakfasts & Snacks

We're back from San Francisco. It was an amazing trip - the city is so green-conscious, the food was delicious, the sights and views spectacular. We came back with sunburnt noses and sore calves from the brutal hills and rare sunny weather in the bay. After eating out for 9 glorious days, I have lots to report. Originally my plan was to post something every couple of days, but $10 internet costs at the hotel prevented that, so I'm going to try to organize this by meal type instead of date. Here are some of the memorable breakfasts/snacks we ate.

Breakfast on the pier

Superb breakfast of fresh sourdough bagette (Acme Bread), creamy cheese (Cowgirl Creamery), and strawberries. Many (I might even say 'most') restaurants, markets, shops, and farms are dedicated to supporting local, sustainable organic foods and farms. These strawberries tasted like they were from my Grandparent's garden, the bread from their oven and the cheese from an actual cow! (can you believe it??!) We had breakfast for a couple of days as a result of this trip to the market and pier.

Brownie from Miette

Awesome nut brownie from a local French bakery. Yes, not the most healthy of breakfasts, but I settled on quality over quantity. This brownie had the perfect balance between chocolaty denseness and cake-like fluffy-ness. So luxurious!


While waiting for a dinner reservation we had at 8pm, we picked up a couple of almond tea biscuits to eat on the pier with some good tea (for me) and coffee (for Ian). I'm sure that biscuit contained 80% of its weight in butter, but it was so small and we had walked so much we didn't feel guilty. Again, this French bakery knows what it's doing.


The rest of the breakfasts and snacks consisted of cold dinner leftovers, Starbucks muffins (couldn't always travel to an actual bakery), and/or were combined with an earlier lunch. Stay tuned for the lunch posts...

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