Thursday, May 31

Road-trip picnics: Friday May 25

We drove from Saskatoon to Vancouver in one day. That's right, we left at 6am and arrived at 2:30am. To help speed along the trip, Mike and I shared the picnic preparation. That way we didn't have to stop and look for places to purchase sub-par fast food. Mike made French bread (delicious!) and "fiery red pesto" from the pizza bible [I have to say, I'm jealous of Mike's baking skills]. I contributed smoked gouda, creamy brie and juicy watermelon. It was nice to sit outside and munch after quite a long time in the car.

For dinner that day, I had made a quinoa and bean salad which kept really well. The quinoa was crunchy and the beans still had some 'tooth' to them. I'm especially proud of this picture as it shows the minute detail of the quinoa next to the beans and pine nuts.

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