Wednesday, May 23


On Mon night we were at Wendy and Mike's place for dinner. Mike made pizza. It was delicious. We topped it with sliced jalapeño, fresh mozzarella, tomato, sliced garlic and basil from their garden. And, underneath it all, a little tomato sauce and parmesan. Simple and rustic. It reminded me strongly of the pizzas we ate in Trieste, Italy a few years ago.

Pizza before baking:
Pizza after baking:
When I make pizza, I always cop out and make a fast non-yeast crust. I try to be healthy and make it with spelt flour, and add bran flakes, flax seeds, soy milk. It's crunchy and crisp, but I think it's time I learned how to make a proper Italian dough. To that effect, I stole borrowed Mike's pizza bible and will attempt something from it next week.

As sides, we had a fresh-tasting dip with tomato and basil, olives, and my own addition of watermelon/feta skewers with balsamic vinegar.

Mike also made a cheesecake with an interesting oatmeal crust and caramel topping. It was served warm which is how I prefer to eat my cheesecake.

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  1. wow... it sounds a healthy pizza
    I sometimes buy pizza from a small restaurant that is not far from our place. That restaurant has a healthier choice, they added soy milk cheese instead of real cheese and whole wheat crust