Thursday, May 31

Eating on a budget: Sat May 26

This day we had two meals: breakfast-n-lunch at the Granville Island Public Market and dinner at Legendary Noodle.
After spending an hour ogling the food at the market (like the stacked strawberries), we decided on a demi-loaf of multigrain from Terra Bread, Raclette cheese and buffalo prosciutto from Oyama Sausage Co, and a few organic tomatos. We sat outside and made open-faced sandwiches while watching pigeons putting on a show for the kids. After lunch, I went back into the market to get a drink and came out with a deliciously creamy macadamia tart. It sounds strange, but it was the nuts that were creamy.

We caught dinner on our way back to the hotel after a stroll through Stanley Park. We popped into a noodle house and were surprised by the show the chefs were putting on - fresh noodles made by alternately twisting and separating the dough into strands. Umm...that description sucks, but thankfully, Mike shot a video and uploaded it here. I took some shots of our appetizers and mains:

Sesame-marinaded tofu. Extremely smooth texture and not too oily taste.
Pea shoots. Very fresh.
Noodles with pork and black bean sauce. Tasty, although a bit too much oil for me.

Noodles with spicy peanut sauce. Too much sauce in a dish where the noodles could have been the feature.
Noodles with chili, garlic and olive oil. I'll let Mike describe his dish in the comments.
P.S. I know I'm not posting other details (like, for instance, what we DID in Vancouver), but you can read some of that here: Mike's detailed and very funny blog.

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  1. Geeze, they must put some kind of glaze on them to make the noodles extra photogenic. I swear they look even better than when we ate them. I believe they call it 'oil' or something.