Thursday, May 17

2nd Ave Grill on Monday

Hmmm...we were hoping for good food, but sadly, had to settle for ordinary. We started with the calamari which was the best dish of the evening. The accompanying sauce was very spicy - just the way we like it, and the batter was light. Calamari itself wasn't too overcooked and rubbery, although a little less cooking would have been preferable.

Then came salads - caesar for Ian, greens for me with fibrous raspberries. The bunny that lives in our front lawn eats better salads.

I'm not even going to post the pics of our entrees, they were so ordinary and we were disappointed in how we had spent our money that evening. I had baked chicken stuffed with asparagus, served with rice and lukewarm veg, topped with a too-rich white wine sauce. Ian had a sirloin with ordinary roast potatoes and the same lukewarm veg. His meal was too dry and mine was too rich. Gross.

Only things that saved the meal were our charming server and the calamari sauce.


  1. I was taken to 2nd avenue grill once. Haven't been back since. It really was the suck.

  2. Ok, good. I thought maybe it was an off night and was planning to check it out again in a couple of months (after we recovered from the first attempt).

    But seeing as how you've affirmed our sentiments, we'll stay away. Thanks for saving us another trip :)