Wednesday, April 4

My Try at Japanese

I made a sort-of Japanese meal for dinner tonight. It began with a miso soup with shrimp, tofu and spinach. I started off by making a Japanese broth called dashi using kelp and shrimp shells. I strained it, then added the miso paste and other ingredients. Oh yes, I fried the tofu ahead of time to give it some nice texture before I added it to the broth.

Next came the sushi. I made four different rolls and we have plenty of leftovers. We sampled the ones on the plate below. For the fillings I used various combinations of the following ingredients: cucumber, fried tofu, green onion, imitation crab, egg omelet, sesame seeds. Today I experimented with the size and shape of the rolls and with the ratios of rice to nori to filling.

Next up were shrimp and cabbage gyoza with a spicy dipping sauce. I put a little water and oil into a fry pan. The water boiled first and steamed the dumplings, then once it evaporated, the oil went to work and fried the bottom up nice and crispy.

Finally, I served soba noodles with vegetables. I was going to sprinkle on some kelp, but I couldn't find the kind I wanted at my neighbourhood Asian store. Next time I'll try the store downtown.

It was a pretty good meal and we have leftovers of everything but the gyoza, so dinner tomorrow night should be easy. I'll probably add some more vegetables to the soup and noodles to freshen them up a little.


  1. Wow... that is some good looking food! The sushi is especially impressive... its very hard to make sushi that looks so nice (at least, for me it is).

  2. That is a remarkably symmetrical plate of sushi! It's all about the powers of two... :)

    -Peter W

  3. Yeah, sushi is pretty hard to roll. I just bought a sushi mat yesterday, so hopefully it'll be easier. These were rolled with just plastic wrap, that's why for most of them the filling isn't centered within the rice - it got pushed to the edge :(

    Peter - when Ian read your comment, he started mumbling something about hexasushi!

  4. Having lived in Japan for 8 years, I can personally attest to Udon noodles having saved my poor student butt a number of times. Japanese Food Toronto