Friday, April 20

Mediocre Food

Lunch today consisted of airport food. We had some Bratwurst and European sausages at a place called Pacific Grill. I was sorely disappointed with the meal. By the time we decided to eat, it was too late to look for a better place. But with a name like Pacific Grill, we thought we were in for yummy seafood. This was not the case.

Dinner was at a place in Oakland (we were too tired after our trip to travel to San Fran) called Pacific Coast Brewing Company. They brew their own beers and Ian tried their "Killer Whale" - a dark stout. He said it was sweet and licorice-like and he liked it. I had sparkling water with fresh lime. For dinner Ian had a swiss burger with onions on rye with fries and I had shrimp jambalaya (their special). The burger was good, but the fries were gross - definately of the frozen variety. The jambalaya itself was ok (good chicken and spicy sausage), but the shrimp was overcooked. I hate overcooked seafood.

Now that we got the gross food out of the way, hopefully we'll have good "food luck" for the remainder of our trip. I did take pics but am now too tired to include them. I'll go back and do it later. Edit: I added pics but they're nothing special.


  1. I want to thank you for your food inspirations. Wen and I made your cereal about two weeks ago and have been eating no other cereal since.

    I'm sorry if I steal all your blog traffic, but I just had to 'copy' you and put up a post of my own weekend meal.

  2. I checked it out - now I want to eat pizza - good pictures too :)

    I'm glad you're enjoying the cereal; I still have some of the batch I made and even Ian is eating it!!