Thursday, April 19

Hurried Curry

Yesterday dinner was a chickpea and eggplant curry. I used a pre-made paste (Patak's madras) and it turned out pretty well. To make it tastier, I added some black mustard seeds, cumin and garlic and didn't just rely on the paste. I find the pastes really acidic - like they add vinegar to contrast the spice, but I find it overdone. When I'm making my own curries, I do often add lemon juice for contrast but somehow it's not so overwhelming. Oh well, it was a quick dinner last night so the paste did the job.

The potatos would have taken too long to cook in the curry, so I didn't end up using them. Today I'll make the carrot/parsnip soup like captainorange suggested and I'll add potatos to that to make it more a vegetable soup. Likely I'll have some left-overs so I'm going to make carrot cookies and freeze the raw dough like ella suggested. Yeah, all this while I'm also cleaning up the yard, doing laundry, packing, going for a last-min lunch with a friend and submitting the taxes. It's going to be a long day...


  1. Patak's is great for a quick British-style curry but I do find them to be a bit salty. I can handle the extra salt for the convenience though ;)

  2. Have you tried any other prepared curry pastes?