Tuesday, April 3

Healthy Lunch

Today I made a homemade lunch for Ian and myself. A grilled sandwich with lean turkey, baby spinach and regular grocery-store cheddar on rye bread. I served it with some fresh veggies and a dill pickle. I miss the Polish dill pickles my Mom and Grandma used to make - the Polish brands in the grocery stores do not measure up. Maybe this summer I'll buy a bag of cukes at the market and make a few jars on my own.

The sandwich was good, although I used absolutely no fat while grilling it on the Hamilton-Beach grill. It would have been better had I lightly buttered the outside of the bread. I guess you pay a small price in taste for going the healthy route.

The drink in the background is what we lovingly refer to at our house as "fuzzy water with syrup." It's essentially a club soda with raspberry syrup and a slice of lemon. We drink this in lieu of pop. It's still yummy and you don't get that awful sick feeling from the high concentrations of acid and sugar found in pop.

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