Friday, April 6

Dried-out Salmon

Tonight I made a Moroccan-inspired dinner with couscous, herb-crusted baked salmon and grilled zucchini. It was okay. The salmon was on the dry side and if there's one thing I hate, it's overcooked seafood. My favourite part was the couscous.


  1. Anna, we notice you have the Taj in your links. Have you been to Truffles? I think it has the gourmet qualities to get a mention on your site...

    here is the link

  2. I've been there only once and I really liked it. I had awesome bread with some compoud butters, a blackened chicken for main and my friend - I think you know her! - and I got two desserts (cheesecake and truffles maybe?) and shared. It was a gluttonous lunch, but so worth it!! Thanks for reminding me about it - I've added the link.

    PS. Is it weird that we went over a year ago and I still remember what we ate??!?