Thursday, April 19

Carrot/Parsnip Soup

I made soup tonight as planned :)

Carrot/parsnip/potato soup with roasted garlic, served with roasted garlic crostini. The soup was a little too sweet for me, but that's just the nature of the carrots and parsnips, I guess. I froze two batches of it, so when it comes time for leftovers, I'll add some lemon to neutralize the sweetness a bit.

The "black box" that I was faced with on Sunday afternoon has now dwindled down to a bag of carrot sticks and cucumber slices and two cheese/egg/tomato sandwiches for our trip tomorrow (I guess I should admit that I ended up giving away three leftover potatoes to a neighbour). I look forward to updating the blog from San Francisco and coming back with inspiration for new flavours.

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  1. I don't know exactly why, but parsnips always seem to really sweeten dishes up for me.