Thursday, April 19

Caffe Sola

I had lunch today with a friend at Caffe Sola, which consisted of chamomile tea, a spicy black bean soup and a leek and spinach phyllo. The tea was delicious and served using a funky teapot, but I like my tea hot. After the suggested steeping time (7min), for which a timer was provided, the tea was just medium warm. Oh well.

The soup had an interesting flavour but wasn't spicy enough. It was advertised as spicy, so they could have been more bold with it. Also, it had coriander seed floating in it. I would have preferred their spice grinder to be at a finer setting - I don't like getting large-ish bits of spices in something like a soup. Maybe as an addition to bread or a topping for crackers, but not in soup. Herbs - yes; spices - finely ground.

My favourite part of the meal was the phyllo layered with leeks, spinach, mushrooms and cheese. The dish had a pleasant salty taste and the ingredients worked together - the filling didn't overpower the dough which was nice and flaky.

They change their menu daily so I'll definitely go back.


  1. They need one of these spectacular tea warmers!

  2. Oh - so cool! It looks like you put a candle underneath?