Wednesday, April 11


Yesterday we ate out at...wait for it...Costco! Yes, that's right. COSTCO. We got our tires switched from the super-duper winter tires to our severely balding "all-season" ones. The wait was an estimated 2.5 hours, so we figured we could either scam lots and lots of teeny samples or actually dole out the $5 to get some greasy food. Even though option 1 would have been fun, we opted for option 2. We got Costco pizza (on the recommendation of Kevin Rose in one of the Diggnation podcasts) and split a calzone. Yummy greasy food.

So after Easter barszcz, Chinese stir-fry and greasy Costco food, I figured it was time for some vegetarian for tonight. I made an asparagus tart and some grilled zucchini and mushroom skewers. The tart turned out nice and crisp.

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